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I’ve been on here a while but never wrote an post so here it is.

My name is Mark thought most people call me JR (J.R. not “junior”). I am a believer and follower of Christ. My passion is and I’ve been at it professionally for over 14 years. Though I mostly develop for the web I enjoy working with the including the hardware and architecture of it.

I like

Well a couple hours of debugging later and it was a simpler fix than I thought.

Turns out that running a with unlabeled switches and all white (unlabeled) cat6 cables doesn’t make reconnecting everything properly easier. Took out a couple servers for maintenance and switched two of the cables on both. I run the servers on the subnet and connected them to the subnet. Which explains why they could communicate with each other but not externally.

Just restarted 2 Proxmox nodes and now I can't access the webui. After logging into the console directly it looks like bootup was fine but can't ping the gateway but I can ping each node from the other. Corosync is still running, firewall disabled, and metrics are disabled - still no go.

I guess this is gonna be a debugging fun filled night!

Working on these images has me diving into scripting a bit deeper and I'm loving it.

I've honestly been a huge fan of since I started using linux and I am loving the design updates and the whole unified experience it provides from a user perspective.

It looks like it might be possible using openssl, but I'm having trouble figuring it out. I found these resources which make me think it's possible:

Any shell scripting pro's that can point me in the direction of using SRP to get a salt and verifier strings. CMaNGOS stores those strings inside the realmd database for user accounts.

I'm able to get the data with this script very easily:

But, I don't want to add php-cli to the Docker image if there is a lighter weight alternative.

I also have the original WoW installation discs for Vanilla, TBC, and WotLK along with all patches necessary to bring the client to the version supported by each CMaNGOS flavor. I’ve digitized them in the MDF and ISO formats and I think I have done it correctly since installation from them works.

Not really sure what to do with the files other than archive them but that is one MMO I could still play if the company ever went bust 😃

Not sure if anyone following me is interested in World of Warcraft Vanilla (1.12.1) servers but I love re-experiencing the first time I logged in and am so happy projects like CMaNGOS exist.

Last week I worked on and published some docker images and docker compose configs for -classic -tbc and -wotlk I wanted to share.

There isn’t any account management yet (working on it) but you can use the default accounts.

I'm also realizing how difficult it is to find these amazing open source alternatives until it's a "necessity."

Maybe that's the problem but I guess that's always been a problem. OSS is secondary to the walled garden that has a business behind it and flipping that idea is an uphill battle.

I get very excited when the OSS software gains exposure though. The excitement of "wow, there are people tackling this huge project" and "how can I help"

Got up and running with Penpot (@penpot) quickly with the provided docker-compose configuration.

I'm impressed so far compared to Figma. One missing feature I've really enjoyed in Figma is auto-layout settings, which looks to be in the backlog (

What really really sucks about Figma is they made it so easy to migrate from Sketch back in the day but it's impossible to get projects OUT of it.

Hey, devs

When starting new projects do you prefer cloning a repo and making changes yourself or is there a scaffolding tool you enjoy using? Is Yeoman still a thing or is there something newer/better/preferred on the block?

Trying to figure out what would be easiest for anyone using this plugin boilerplate project in the future:

🚀 I open sourced my plugin tonight. It's something I've used as a starting point for many private plugins as well as projects my team and I build at .

Still some work to do to document the project and why I made certain decisions and how to use it as a foundation for your own plugins. It's also very specific to creating apps with and the Block Editor component anywhere in the admin.

I found some old IDE hard drives from my younger days and used ddrescue on them to see what I could salvage. Some were unrecoverable though still usable and one was an old Slackware system I compiled back in 2005!

Found some old web projects I created while learning HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Took me way back seeing it.

My storage server has been running Proxmox with ZFS and a couple VM's for media management (Plex, *arr apps, and yt-dlp) but last night I decided to play around with TrueNAS SCALE and I'm loving it.

I still prefer Proxmox for virtualization but SCALE's ZFS management is really nice compared to just using the CLI.

I think I'll be migrating the entire system over this weekend.

Alright, taking a small step and forwarding gmail to my personal mail server and removing the gmail account from mail clients.

Took some time this weekend to upgrade my mail server. Decided to ditch my manual setup, backup all mailboxes, and setup everything using the docker-mailserver project (

So far so good and it includes a utility script to manage it without needing to look anything up everytime though the flexibility is there.

There's always more to learn but I've been running my own email server for ~5 years hardly any problems. Maybe I'll finally ditch gmail as my primary.

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