I am planning on building a small rack cabinet for the but right now it's sitting on a couple storage bins with wood laid underneath.

My lab also consistes of an old MacBook Pro (11,1) and MacBook Air (5,2) which I think will become strictly docker nodes. I run Debian 10 on all of these servers.

I'm still planning pretty heavily my long term goal but right now it's a NAS, Plex, and Nextcloud server for my family.

Update on my : I received the R210 II and R420 a couple weeks ago and have been fiddling with them ever since, mostly on the R420.

iDRAC Enterprise is a fantastic tool and I've been loving Proxmox. This R420 is primarily to replace my current NAS (WD EX2100) so I have ZFS setup with 4x 3TB drives in a RaidZ2.

This is my first time purchasing used HGST drives but all seems well. I do have multiple backups though. My old NAS is a secondary local backup and Backblaze as the offsite.

I've been on the command line a bit too long today. Just typed `ls -l` into DuckDuckGo 😆

I believe a turning point for Bitcoin would be when we stop listing its value in USD and instead list the value of USD in Bitcoin. That subtle different defines its importance over other currency in my opinion.

My favorite thing to see when I have the same question...

Starting to convert my homelab into a rack! Bought a Dell R420 for a NAS with Plex and a Dell R210 ii for a pfSense box.

This is an upgrade to my current setup of a WD EX2100 NAS, and old MacBook Pro and Air (both running Debian), and a RaspberryPi 2.


You are an amazing human.

I just thought you should know.

Feelings about timelines 

On mastodon/fosstodon, I feel free, rested, relaxed, and I leave timeline feeling smarter.

I don't feel anything towards twitter, it feels dead to me, except for specific #s there is nothing there to see

I hate LinkedIn, feels fake to me, poor people have to show off to get a job or to keep a job

I despise facebook (deleted several years ago), I literally felt the algorithm plays with my head at these days I had facebook

Never used Instagram

gonna buy a baby sheep and call it "da"

it will be my lamb da

This week I decided to stop actively using Twitter and Facebook so much. I blocked the domains from my router so there is still some barrier to gaining access.

I just found myself getting angry at everything this past year every time I viewed these sites.

Instead, I'll use them exclusively as syndication platforms.

If you or someone you know are looking for a new opportunity as a Senior Software Developer with a focus on JS/Node/React – GoDaddy is currently hiring.

Come join my team! We've accomplished so much in the past year with our small agile team but we need more devs to attain all of our goals.


Purchased a PineTime Dev Kit. It's fascinating, cheap, and I wanted a new device to hack on 😀


Just noticed today that GitHub allows MP4 and MOV file types to be uploaded now!

People used to own their own websites in the pre-social media phase.

The ISP model was web hosting. Everyone would be a publisher. Everyone would have their own website.

Now the model is: you provide the content for someone else's website, for free. You don't own it, and it is used for a comprehensive surveillance system like the world has never seen to not only observe, but to manipulate and influence your affect and conduct. It is aggregated and used by every government and large corp.

Stop using "Zoom" as a general term for video conferencing.
Stop using "Google" as a general term for searching the web.

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