I’ve been on here a while but never wrote an post so here it is.

My name is Mark thought most people call me JR (J.R. not “junior”). I am a believer and follower of Christ. My passion is and I’ve been at it professionally for over 14 years. Though I mostly develop for the web I enjoy working with the including the hardware and architecture of it.

I like

Video Clip for the words which can also apply with slightly less all-in God/religious perspective and even practical-person type perspective. Transcript below:

"But the problem is that most people don't know that they are in a battle,
and just believe things in their life just happen or they are an unlucky person.
Where in the bible does it speak of being lucky or unlucky?
Nothing just happens.
There is always something you can't see controlling what you can see and whatever you are dealing with today, it was sent against you."

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