This past Monday I decided to tackle a repair on my car that I’ve been procrastinating on. Over the winter a rodent was living under the hood of my 2008 Honda Civic. It bit some wires on the main wire harness and wouldn’t start. To purchase a new wire harness would cost $500 and to have a mechanic do the work would have been more for labor as well as the cost to tow.

I spent half a day and $10 for replacement wire. Soldered the connections back and it started right back up!

Slowly building up dashboards for my as well as expanding the services I'm running.

I was artifically held up by wanting to do everything through first and instead paired it down to automating the common and security bits. I can automate services later, there are just too many I've been meaning to spin up to try before adopting.

This new case is pretty great IMO. Fits everything nicely and has enough room for an RX 6800XT once I get it. I’ve been working on it for a couple days now and moving from an i5-4690k (4c/4t) to a Ryzen 7 5800X (8c/16t) is insane.

For the new computer build I picked up the new Fractal Design Torrent Nano RGB case in black. It looks sweet and never have I ever built a computer with RGB. This will be the first and the motherboard, ram, and case all have RGB 😆

It'll be interesting how that works (or doesn't) with linux. I've seen some tools but maybe running the official tools through wine could work.

A lot has happened in the last year. I decided to pick up an 18u rack and rack mount my servers instead of building one. I also picked up two identically configured r620 servers which are clustered with the r420 but are mainly used as backup + failover for each other.

This hobby has really been a lot of fun and a huge learning experience for me. I’m always pursuing more knowledge and hands on experience. Doing so has only led to good things.

My son started getting into RC cars so I decided to get my old Tamiya Mad Bull running again. I’ve had it for at least 20 years and it’s in decent condition.

I ordered new electronics for it (radio, electronic speed control, motor, batteries, and charger). Swapped everything out, cleaned most of it by mainly just lubrication of gears/bearings. Just waiting for the batteries and charger now.

Dear Western Digital,

WTH is a "random" software update schedule?

I am planning on building a small rack cabinet for the but right now it's sitting on a couple storage bins with wood laid underneath.

My lab also consistes of an old MacBook Pro (11,1) and MacBook Air (5,2) which I think will become strictly docker nodes. I run Debian 10 on all of these servers.

I'm still planning pretty heavily my long term goal but right now it's a NAS, Plex, and Nextcloud server for my family.

My favorite thing to see when I have the same question...

If you or someone you know are looking for a new opportunity as a Senior Software Developer with a focus on JS/Node/React – GoDaddy is currently hiring.

Come join my team! We've accomplished so much in the past year with our small agile team but we need more devs to attain all of our goals.

Just noticed today that GitHub allows MP4 and MOV file types to be uploaded now!

Day 7 of my starter. Still hasn’t risen a lot but it is bubbling. Going to try storing it in a cabinet and using slightly warmer water during its feeding.

Day 6 of my starter. It hasn’t been rising and falling much but it’s still active. I’m going to try keeping a bit more of the mature starter before feeding it. Regardless of the outcome, I’m going to try to make bread this weekend.

I haven’t had the best luck with my starter surviving past the third day. This time is different and it’s still active! Looks like I’ll be making bread soon after all.

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