I don't want social media to get smarter, I want it to be dumb as a bucket of bricks. I want social media to have no goddamn idea what I want so it'll just give me what I asked for, like I wanted to begin with 😤

My son started getting into RC cars so I decided to get my old Tamiya Mad Bull running again. I’ve had it for at least 20 years and it’s in decent condition.

I ordered new electronics for it (radio, electronic speed control, motor, batteries, and charger). Swapped everything out, cleaned most of it by mainly just lubrication of gears/bearings. Just waiting for the batteries and charger now.

@Gargron it’s a really great app. Thank you for making it possible!

@jbauer that Framework laptop is pretty amazing. I’d love to see an AMD configuration option in the future.

Finally installed a Quadro P400 for my Plex VM. Passthrough with Proxmox was pretty straightforward with this guide on Reddit: reddit.com/r/homelab/comments/

I'm pretty happy with the performance so far.

Welcoming Linux to the 1Password Family blog.1password.com/welcoming-l

I've been using the beta since they've announced it and I've been impressed with the integration with Linux.

@jbauer Awesome! How has your experience been? Are you running it on a VPS or at home? Are you hosting any users or just yourself? Have you had any problems with blacklists or delivery?

Dad Joke 

A few puns make me numb, but math puns make me number.

Dear Western Digital,

WTH is a "random" software update schedule?

@kev I’m still waiting for the nice weather to come my way. It’s getting warmer here (I’m in New York) but the roads are still dirty. I usually wait until a few heavy rainstorms clear the roads.

One of my goals for the is to self-host my code with a CI/CD stack, setup a pull through cache for Docker images, NPM packages, and Composer packages for my day to day development work.

I'm also planning on setting up an APT cache of Debian since all my servers, virtual machines, and my desktop run Debian.

Maybe someday I'll setup a Steam cache but I'll need to expand my storage significantly for that.

Finally setup my R210 II as a pfSense router/firewall currently behind my WRT1900ACS wireless router since I'm not ready to switch over yet.

There is so much to learn but I was pleasantly surprised by Linode API support for Dynamic DNS.

I am planning on building a small rack cabinet for the but right now it's sitting on a couple storage bins with wood laid underneath.

My lab also consistes of an old MacBook Pro (11,1) and MacBook Air (5,2) which I think will become strictly docker nodes. I run Debian 10 on all of these servers.

I'm still planning pretty heavily my long term goal but right now it's a NAS, Plex, and Nextcloud server for my family.

Update on my : I received the R210 II and R420 a couple weeks ago and have been fiddling with them ever since, mostly on the R420.

iDRAC Enterprise is a fantastic tool and I've been loving Proxmox. This R420 is primarily to replace my current NAS (WD EX2100) so I have ZFS setup with 4x 3TB drives in a RaidZ2.

This is my first time purchasing used HGST drives but all seems well. I do have multiple backups though. My old NAS is a secondary local backup and Backblaze as the offsite.

I've been on the command line a bit too long today. Just typed `ls -l` into DuckDuckGo 😆

@cooper Awesome! I would be very interested in your experience and actual speeds once you start using it.

I'm interested in getting one but don't need it now as I'm in a small town with 400Mbps. I do plan to move out to a more rural area eventually and Starlink looks like the only compelling option.

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