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Planned obsolescence can undermine privacy - and our pocketbook. For example, Apple computers, that get phased out of new software updates, may force us to make unnecessary choices.

This could force us to purchase new computers (when they are still viable) and to use hardware and software that may be outside our needs.

Try to install Linux before you opt for a new device. POP_OS performs wonderfully on outdated iMacs. Many distros can take a slow Windows PC and give it new life.

"The entitlement of these fuckers is just off the charts. They have zero right, none, to the tracking they’ve been getting away with. We, as a society, have implicitly accepted it because we never really noticed it."

US NSA surveillance 

A federal appeals court has ruled the NSA phone metadata program was illegal & maybe unconstitutional to boot. Ed Snowden was right after all folks.

So my starter was not ready this weekend. It was still bubbling but not doubling in size or rising and falling consistently. My next target is this weekend.

I’m adding slightly more water than flour (115g water to 100g flour) and using warmer water (82°F instead of the average 74-76°F I’ve been adding). Trying to find warmer spots to store it in the house as well but I might need to buy a proofing box at some point.

Day 7 of my starter. Still hasn’t risen a lot but it is bubbling. Going to try storing it in a cabinet and using slightly warmer water during its feeding.

I genuinely believe that there is a great opportunity to learn and have lots of fun building your personal website.

I found a lot of support in the #IndieWeb community so I wrote a case for it for Smashing Magazine.

Day 6 of my starter. It hasn’t been rising and falling much but it’s still active. I’m going to try keeping a bit more of the mature starter before feeding it. Regardless of the outcome, I’m going to try to make bread this weekend.

I just miss people writing a blog about various stuff. Politics, sports, daily matters, etc.

I haven’t had the best luck with my starter surviving past the third day. This time is different and it’s still active! Looks like I’ll be making bread soon after all.

I have begun my starter! 24 hours later and day one has been pretty active.

Recently decided to reset my iPhone and never install Twitter or Facebook on it. Although I still check it from time to time on my desktop I’m feeling less and less of the pull.

My rule for social networks:

What you're reading here typically isn't anyone's opinion. It's merely a thought someone had and shared with you in written form.

We should really try and stop judging or criticizing people as if we're reading their master's thesis.

After using Ubuntu & Gnome for a while, my minimal & install feels a lot snappier.

I decided to switch to Debian over Ubuntu for my desktop environment. Always loved Debian for servers but wanted the latest software for desktop. Only just realized I can simply use the testing branch over stable...

Always learning something new!

I've been looking to upgrade my custom PC build which has been running strong since 2015. Going to move over to an AMD Threadripper 32-core CPU from my 4-core i5-4690k.

These are the components I'm planning to get but I'm waiting on updates from AMD this year and the following reviews before committing to the build. It's a beast.

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Pihole running on Docker has worked well for me. Currently blocking around 340k domains and based on activity 15% of outgoing traffic has been blocked!

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