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This is my first step into the #Fediverse. I'm looking forward to learning more about it and meeting new people.

I'm a writer by trade who works for a University as their Web Content Officer.

I run a website called the Worldbuilding School which is all about building imaginary worlds. And I'm writing a collection of Cyberpunk flash fiction with a Retrowave style.


Ran across my old World Of Warcraft installation CD’s and decided to install it on Linux and setup a local private server for fun. CD’s installed WoW 1.11.0 and I found the patches to bring it to 1.12.1.

I found CMaNGOS is very a active project and found it easy to compile and run. I’m so impressed with it. I can even creating other characters on my account that can join a group as bots making it easier to solo play!

I might try The Burning Crusade expansions next :)

An important #Linux phone is getting unveiled tomorrow. The hardware is incredible and the specs don't suck :D

Stay tuned for a video interview when the embargo lifts at 9am Eastern.

It took me years to even try it but I am really enjoying Plex! Just need to build a more power NAS to make it better :)

Too many ideas and projects, not enough time.

Some foss tips:

Don't buy Intel, don't buy Nvidia.

Buy AMD ;)

Finished consolidating the thousands of photos and videos from the past 12+ years and got it into a manageable state. They are currently stored on my NAS (with Plex), rsync’d to my desktop (because it was easier to sift through on it), and rsync’d to an external drive as a secondary backup.

Next step is offsite backup, probably using Backblaze. Soon I’ll need to update my NAS to a custom built server as well. I’ve been using a WD EX2100 for years but I need moar powah! 😀

fdupes and exiftool are amazing for sorting all these photos and videos.

Took a variety of tests to build confidence that I wouldn't lose anything, glad I took the time though.

After all these files are sorted, I can start organizing the albums. Thinking of using Plex as the viewer because tagging people in it (generic tags) is very easy.

Finally settled on a domain for my app.

FOSS, client side, private contact sharing!

Spread the word (I think it's really cool and you should too, kthx)

I haven't been great at organizing my NAS drive and decided to start making that effort last night.

Specifically my media organization hasn't been great. I have a folder structure that works really well I just haven't been diligent at sorting them.

I have backups and various copies of photos in different locations, probably duplicates galore but I've been afraid to delete any of them.

Time to slowly go through them once and for all.

We constantly redefine good and evil for our own convenience at the expense of others.

I'd like to have the QoS feature working so that I can make sure my work is not hindered by what other devices are doing (I've been working from home for 8+ years). A lot of the other management and monitoring features are nice too.

I was going to setup a Raspberry PI with Pi-hole and PIVPN but it looks like these new routers have VPN support built in which seems neat. I'm still going to have Pi-hole setup and use the VPN on the router.

My Apple Airport Extreme was the best wireless router I ever had but died recently.

I've replaced it with a Netgear AX1800 but the QoS stuff doesn't work and I've had to disable all features to figure out why internet speeds are so slow to no avail.

I just ordered a Linksys WRT1900ACS to replace that now and will be returning the Netgear. Hopefully I have a better experience with Linksys.

My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

#Apple #iOS

US Presidential Election 2020 

I don’t care for either candidate. I feel like we’re all the parents playing judge in a disagreement with our kids.

It doesn’t matter what either says you’ll never find a perfect candidate to vote for, just one in enough alignment with your values and beliefs while compromising on others.

In my view, they all answer to a higher authority anyway. I’m just doing my part as a Christian to promote the common good as I believe it should be.

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