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Code of Conduct

This document lays out the ground rules for participating in this community. It is intended to protect all members of our community from harassment and to ensure that our community is as welcoming and inclusive as possible.


  • Provide a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone
  • Create a supportive community, where people freely share their passions and are excited and positive about each other's successes.
  • Provide a venue for casual conversations

Public Toots

Public Toots are those that are posted to the public timelines. This means that anyone on this server can see your Toot on the local timeline and anyone on the Internet can see your Toot via the see what's happening page. This also means that your Toot will be visible to any instances that this server federates with, via the federated timeline.

Non-Public Toots

A non-public Toot are Toots that are not posted to the public timelines. These include Toots that are posted with the following privacy settings:

  • Unlisted – Not posted to public timelines, but viewable if someone visits your profile.
  • Follower-only – Only viewable by a user who follows you.
  • Direct – Only viewable to users who are @ mentioned in a Toot.

Users who follow you have consciously opted in to what you have to say. By using Follower-only you are talking direct to those people, and not the wider fediverse. People who follow you are more likely to understand the context and tone of what you're trying to say.

Rules for All Toots

All toots (public and private) should abide by the following rules:

  • Do not use slurs or racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory or hateful jokes or language or promote white supremacy, anti-Semitism, transphobia or other hateful ideologies.
  • Do not harass anyone, participate in group harassment of anyone, or otherwise engage in personal attacks. Posting or threatening to post other people’s personally identifying information (“doxing”) constitutes harassment.
  • Do not post adult content, including pictures containing nudity, or unwelcome sexual attention (including sexualized comments or jokes).
  • Do not post spam. A toot that is nothing other than a link constitutes spam, as does any overly commercial self-promotion. (It is fine, however, to toot about your own projects and share what you are excited to be working on — just keep the toot itself interesting).
  • Do not use automated tools to toot without participating in the community. It is fine to post with an automated tool (e.g., a Twitter cross-poster) so long as you are an active member of the community and respond to replies you receive here. However, unmonitored accounts that post automatically are not acceptable.

Reporting Violations

If you notice a toot that violates this code of conduct, please report it. It is easy to assume that someone else has already reported a toot, but it is easy for everyone to feel that way and no one to report the toot.


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